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Please check out this space regularly for the next meeting.  however, our Meet up will be announced in Twitter & FaceBook.

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We are a small group of creative individuals, but together we are stronger.  We are looking high above.  If you think, together we can grow, please contact us for a discussion and find out the possibilities.  We got room for Advertising & PR Agencies and Event Organizers for some creative ways for better business.

Also, we are welcoming more Nationals of UAE to join with us.

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  1. January 21, 2011 11:18 am

    Hi, I have just come accross your web site by mistake but am loving the on-line concept and wondered if I could join / be listed as your first ‘Fashion Designer’ or just generaly get involved! I started my brand of avant-guard evening wear just over a year ago in Dubai. Its doing well so far but I need to grow and get the name out there am just interested in working with any other creative people / groups where we may be able to support / help each other.

    Please get in touch,

    Best regards,
    Debi Simcox

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