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Dubai Creative Club

The Beginning

Dubai Creative Club is formed by a group of creative living and working in Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates).  The original concept started in early 2002.  Dubai is a place where creativity has no bounds or limits.  You can see all that in the architecture and Interior designs of aesthetically high standard buildings, advertising visualizations etc.

If you were the one following the development of Dubai creative Club, you may notice that the website is not fully functional.  As of now, we are not a registered organization and don’t have any support, though we are getting some nice offers.  We are aiming high and hope, the local creative community will stand together to promote this website as a means of common platform to “Share & Grow”.

We are working on…

At present the membership is limited in Dubai Creative Club.  Also, the physical meetings are very less in our Club.  Most of the members are getting connected by emails only.  But for long time, many members are demanding for face to face meetings and an official setup.  We are sure, that will definitely help.  At present, we are working on expanding the functionality of the website ( to enable the visitors to get more information and interaction among the members.  The members mostly belong to an elite category of Designers, Architects, Artists, Writers, PR executives, Brand Managers, Communication Managers and Creative Directors.

Thanks for stopping by. Please e-mail to us to get notified when the site becomes fully functional. If you have any suggestions or comments don’t hesitate to contact us.

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