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The Story of Dubai Creative Club

September 5, 2009

Dubai creative Club is gearing up for the next phase of its development.  At this point, I like to look back the humble beginning of Dubai Creative club.  For long time – since 2002- I am nursing this idea of having an active community of creative in Dubai and surrounding Emirates in UAE.  I got struck with the idea of forming a creative club while I was working for the Dubai Shopping Festival event in 2002. With a group of friends, I started working with this idea.  But being a young expat, it was tough for me to getting support from the local creative community.   However, eventually I got support and appreciation from many young ‘local creative’.  Among them, Dr. Aysha Al Busmait – a reputed local woman – deserves special mentioning.

As the founding member of Dubai Creative Club, I never looked for my own publicity and thus never exposed myself.  I like to see Dubai Creative Club as a common platform for the elite creative in UAE and guests from all over the creative world.   I registered the domain address for hosting our website as a starting point for it.  In the initial stage, I got too many offers to support me, in terms of finance and publicity.  But I realized those supports came along with some demands, which will spoil the real intentions of Dubai Creative club –

  1. A common platform for creative in U.A.E to share & Grow without any discrimination.
  2. Respect the local cultural heritage and nurture various forms of Cultural activities in the country, like organizing Design workshops, Film Festivals, encouraging Indie Film making, Marketing & PR Forums etc.
  3. Be a showcase for the young Architects who can come up with eco friendly designs with implementation of efficient energy conservative elements.
  4. Provide an online discussion forum for the Advertising & PR agencies to discuss issues and inform each other.
  5. Be an impartial information provider for creative in Dubai.
  6. Above all, spot a real talent and be open to welcome him/her to Dubai Creative Club.

Now I decide to move ahead, without waiting.  I got good friends.  But still I need more talents, who are willing to be part of this humble effort.  I am looking for content developers, Bloggers, PR & Marketing Pros’, Designers etc.

If you are willing, write to me  dubaicreativeclub (at) gmail (dot) com

Also, visit this space on 09.09.09.


For  Dubai creative club

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  1. dubaicreativeclub permalink*
    September 5, 2009 5:16 pm

    Dubai is the right place to start.

    Recession period is the right time to start!

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